Japan Airlines to buy Malaysian?

Not a few weeks ago speculation was rife that Qatar Airways was on the verge of buying a stake in Malaysia Airlines – which hasn’t posted a profit since 2015-16.

Qatar’s CEO Al Baker is said to have discussed as much with Malaysia’s Prime Minister during a recent visit.

However the airlines own losses announced yesterday would have made an offer seem imprudent.

In the meantime Japan Airlines, a fellow OneWorld member with Qatar and Malaysia, has been repeatedly linked with a buyout of a major slice of the airline, and recently its denials about involvement have softened.

Malaysian authorities are keen to find a deep pocketed investor who will set the airline straight and cut the need for so much government interference, a repeating issue with previous administrations.

While denying any involvement again yesterday, the old adage that “we think they do protest too much”, is lending more credence to their likely involvement and Asian analysts are convinced a deal is imminent.