India won’t accept FAA MAX recertification

The Indian Government has added itself to the list of countries not accepting the FAA’s recertification of the Boeing 737MAX.

The 28 members of the European Union under the auspices of EASA have said they too will conduct tests of their own before recertification happens in Europe.

China is expected to join them in conducting its own testing.

This has widespread implications for future programmes. It’s been a tradition that the standards at the FAA and EASA are so high that each accepts the others certification as a matter of course. Indeed virtually every other national aviation authority in the world has accepted their certification, virtually without question.

The FAA’s reputation internationally is in tatters and its allowed other nations with global ambitions to bolster their own national agencies credentials – China and India especially are keen to prove a point.

In some ways this is a good thing, as Boeing and Airbus will be under even more pressure to get things right first time, and more inspections and questions will make them more conscious of mistakes, and more thorough in their development.

The downside is the time involved and the extra expense.

But what price safety?