SAS SCANDINAVIAN A350 Will have new livery

SAS Scandinavian yesterday released a teaser tweet announcing their new livery will be revealed on the 19th September with the delivery of their first A350-900.

The very dark video reveals only small parts of the livery – which hasn’t been changed since 1998.

Blue seems to be predominant – it’s the unifying colour In Denmark, Norway and Sweden’s national flags.

What we all expected isn’t going to happen

While the new livery is confirmed, it’s already been made clear it will take until 2024 to deploy it fully and initially will only appear on the A350’s.

The current livery is quite unique but has some serious visual weaknesses. The silver writing tends to vanish against the grey background and it’s not ideally suited to the app and social media platforms that dominate airline interaction with customers now.

However it’s not expected that SAS is planning on being as bland as Lufthansa or AerLingus.

Inevitable clarity and bold but simplified, tends to be the result as airlines pander to the short attention spans of the app user and logo dominated recognition of the social media obsessed.