British Airways pilot strikes start at Midnight

Two days of industrial action by British Airways Pilots starts at Midnight tonight and will continue until midnight on Tuesday.

The pilots have said they will call off the strike if BA will re-open negotiations.

The pilots have been offered a pay deal of 11.5% over three years, which it has to be said is reasonable to most people. The pilots though feel they are contributing to BA’s very considerable profits while the company is paying as little as it can get away with. 93% of pilots voted to strike.

BA has already mismanaged the cancellations and rebooking processes for thousands but seems to have finally gotten to grips with it.

The airline is trying to get wet leases and airlines like Qatar to supply aircraft for two days to get some flights away, but well over 90% are expected to be grounded.

The inaugural A350-1000 service to Dubai was supposed to have started on Tuesday.

Virgin Atlantic begins A350-1000 operations to New York on Tuesday from Heathrow, with its second A350-1000 (G-VPOP) delivered last week to Malta for pre-service checks.