Goodbye Super-80 – American Airlines retires its last

… a scrap yard near you…

American Airlines is retiring the last of its McDonnell-Douglas MD-80 fleet as the take their last journey to Roswell, New Mexico.

A principle work horse for the airline since the 1980’s the last 26 are finally on their final flights.


Once one of the worlds most efficient aircraft, American operated a staggering 362 of them in 2003, around a third of the total built.

American’s final MD-80 revenue flight, American Flight 80, is scheduled to depart DFW for the last time at 9 a.m. bound for O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. From there, the plane will ferry to Roswell to join the other MD-80s in their final days.


The last flight, AA 80 DFW – ORD, was operated with ex-TWA N984TW. The former TWA DC-9-83 (MD-83) N984TW was named “The Spirit of Long Beach” with TWA and was the las DC-9-80 (‘Super 80’/MD-80) built.


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  1. It was my first jet and I always enjoyed flying it. Lots of quirks but an honest and reliable aircraft.


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