EASA: Max recertification won’t be automatic

The European aviation and space agency EASA, the E.U. version of the FAA, said yesterday that it would be certifying the 737MAX changes itself, and not automatically accepting the FAA’s guidance and decision.

The FAA’s prior habits of allowing Boeing to effectively self-certify “have to be changed”, and EASA said it would no longer accept the FAA’s blanket acceptance of Boeing’s aircraft.

This has raised serious concerns at IATA the International Air Travel Association; effectively the airlines support system.

They and airlines in general are looking at a scenario where 737MAX will only go back into operation at different times around the world.

Many of the countries outside of the US took the FAA’s or EASA’s lead, most of have completely abandoned following the FAA which is now seen as discredited.

For many the EASA decision will be the one they follow. The Chinese government has already hinted it will make its own decision, but lean towards EASA.

This loss of American authority and prestige in a vital global industry has been profound. It’s short sighted approach to funding the FAA and allowing Boeing to be so freely allowed to do its own certification has totally undermined global reliance in its judgement.

Ultimately this damages Boeing’s and US interests, further undermining the countries international position, already seriously damaged by the current administration.