Uganda Airlines is back as African aviation slowly grows

African aviation has had more than a few ups and downs over the years.

Civil wars, dictatorships, insurgencies, exploitation, famine and instability have long dominated much of the continent.

Yet things are changing. Ethiopia 30 years ago was a basket case needing international help to save millions from starvation.

Now it’s relatively stable and has one of the worlds best known airlines.

There’s been a conscious effort, sometimes stalled but yet pushing forward to get African aviation up and running.

Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Rwanda have all moved forward to improve and re-start long defunct post-colonial airlines. Nigeria is trying to bring its own back. South African is desperately trying to keep itself up to date and relevant, with A350’s due soon.

Uganda may only have one aircraft for now, but it’s a start and on a continent with few useful transport links air travel is a crucial element to keep people and countries connected.

It’s one of those areas aviation brings real benefits and positive results. Business, tourism and infrastructure all benefit in countries that have long deserved a break.