Embraer E2 in service date could be delayed by US pilots unions

Boeing Brazil’s Embraer E2 could be delayed in service to 2021 because of American pilots and their unionised labour agreements.

The complex agreements unions have with airlines, that goes as far as limiting how many aircraft sub-contracted airlines can fly for mainline airlines, also contains another clause.

It limits the maximum take off weight of aircraft inside a specified class – which the E2 usually competes in, to 86,000lbs. Over that and pilots are in a different pay category.

The E2 weight is 98,000lbs, and until the airlines and pilots unions can agree, the E2 will be prevented from obtaining final certification.

Boeing Brazil is facing the possibility that its largest market not accepting the aircraft weight because of union rules, and may have to modify it for the market.

There are no indications the E2 is being renamed yet, if ever.