Emirates A380 collapses during maintenance

An Emirates A380, A6-EOP collapsed onto its nose during maintenance late last week.

The nose gear wasn’t deployed and it seems the jack usually used, either wasn’t present or was improperly fitted.

Amazingly nobody was working on it at the time and the incident seems to have occurred unwitnessed.

The damage is said to be severe to the forward structure, and tests will have to be carried out on the 2015 aircraft to ensure the integrity of the fuselage and that it hasn’t been warped or stressed.

Simplified damage could be as low as $2m to repair, a fuller assessment could proved much more costly.

It seems to have ripped off its nose cone when falling, that’s ripped off the radar from its mount, and it can be seen nestling in the nose. Both gear doors are wrecked and that will require all of the associated hydraulics to be replaced.

On top of that there is visible creasing in the fuselage plates behind the gear.

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