152 A380’s face major engine checks

Following the recovery in June of an A380 engine part, buried in the ice of Greenland since September 2017, after an explosion on an Air France A380 engine sent parts flying over the a wide area, inspectors have provided an initial cause.

The engines affected are the General Electric/Pratt & Witney Engine Alliance units fitted to several airlines A380’s. Emirates is the largest user of the type although not all of its aircraft use them, all of AirFrance’s aircraft are affected.

The part responsible seems to be the fan hub, a titanium alloy part and the centerpiece of a 3-metre-wide fan.

The french BEA inspectorate has confirmed that a sub-surface fatigue crack has been found and that all 152 A380’s equipped – around 608 on-aircraft engines plus another thirty global spares will be requiring inspection and potential remedial work.

Qatar, Etihad, Korean, Emirates and AirFrance are the affected airlines.