LionAir pivots back to 737MAX

It was nearly a year ago that the LionAir crash of a 737MAX set Boeing on a course that it’s far from recovered from.

LionAir’s founder screamed blue murder and declared the order for nearly 200 737MAX aircraft dead.

I wanted to believe him. All the talk about how Indonesia wasn’t taken seriously by the FAA and Boeing, and that they would rather go elsewhere for an aircraft than be treated like a second rate sub-par airline with no expertise, well he had a point.

It didn’t help that the FAA and certain US supposed experts laid the whole thing at the door of the Indonesian and Ethiopian pilots. Quite erroneously as it has since been proven. The underlying tone of racism wasn’t hard to see.

And for all the moralising, all the bravado, all the talk and the big statements, where are we now?

LionAir isn’t just taking all of its order – it wasn’t more, “urgently”, to maintain its growth strategy.

Boeing clearly had no desire to loose the order. It had some grovelling to do, and it seems it has assuaged the airline well enough. No doubt coupled to some very heavy discounts – though the level of those discounts is still being negotiated.

Once again money talks far louder than dead bodies in a plane crash.

And the sickest irony of all? LionAir is in effect going to benefit financially from the crash in the long term, saving itself millions in purchase and leasing costs on discounted aircraft.

Corporations. In the end they never loose.