Cathay Pacific caves in to Chinese demands

Swire Group owned Cathay Pacific has effectively caved in to Chinese Government demands.

Having emailed warnings about behaviour and protesting to its employees, suspending staff who have taken part in demonstrations in Hong Kong, the airline has surrendered entirely to Communist China.

The letters to employees could have come out of a government handbook.

It’s share price had fallen 10%, Cathay Pacific was told it would not be able to fly any cabin crew or pilots the authorities deemed politically unacceptable.

Hong Kong airport is being closed by a well behaved but huge crowd – protestors have worked out the police won’t launch attacks on them in front of foreign travellers.

Meanwhile the Hong Kong Government seems powerless to to what’s needed. Total withdrawal of the bill to allow extraditions, not just its suspension, might still ease the situation, but the authorities see that as surrender to the protestors – and Beijing simply won’t allow it.

Meanwhile armoured personnel carriers of China’s armed police militia are lining up on the border with Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s airport is SE Asia’s busiest, and one of the worlds largest transfer hubs.