BA breaks its first A350


Barely a week or so old and BA’s first A350, running a flight from Madrid to Heathrow was forced to make a rather sudden go-around because of the excessively windy conditions at Heathrow.

In doing so it apparently exceeded permissible loads on its wing flaps, and had to be withdrawn from service, the rest of the days flights cancelled.

Now if you live in the UK, you’ll know how bad the wind has been coupled to some pretty major storms, so its understandable it might have had a problematic landing.

The aircraft, according to BA, is back in service, but loosing a weekend flight, with many seats booked up by AVgeeks getting their fix of new aircraft on a weekend jaunt to Madrid Barajas, there was no doubt a fair bit of disappointment all round.

Speaking of AVgeekery, I’m now trying to find out what sort of level of force is required to exceed the aircrafts capabilities….surely that’s got to be pretty severe?