Boeing: 737MAX back by years end

CEO Denis Muilenburg who miraculously still has a job, said that 500 MAX test flights had been conducted and he’d flown on some himself. He expects recertification before years end.

Somehow this act of corporate bravery is supposedly laudable. Coupled to the statement that other Boeing employees were keen to fly the aircraft too, it smacked more than a little of contrived PR speak than anything substantive.

American Airlines must be in the loop on this and sound like they might be first on the list to get theirs back, scheduled flights re-appeared for late December.

There is a slight fear that having said no physical fix is required and that’s it all just software, Boeing’s plan is to get recertification and simply issue a software patch. The result being that all of the aircraft can pretty much be back in the skies in a month or so.

Have they done what Boeing seems prone to do? Found the quickest, cheapest, least expensive way of doing something? Possibly cutting corners here and there to reach a solution?

Trust, is something Muilenburg keeps harping on about. Boeing has lost it and needs to get it back. It’s difficult to believe anything they say right now. A rapid return to service based on a software patch isn’t enough for me.

In President Dwight D Eisenhower’s words, ‘Nothing goes wrong like a plan’.