Airport Shambles as British Airways systems fail again

British Airways has had another system failure – one affecting its booking system and another its departure systems in the UK.

The result is the virtual wholesale cancellation of all of its short haul flights from the UK at Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham and London City.

Long haul flights are mysteriously unaffected.

Tens of thousands of people have been told to go home or book a hotel until they can fly – for which they will be reimbursed. Don’t hold your breath for compensation – BA is high up the list of slow payers, preferring to dish out Avios rather than cash, when it gets round to it, which can take months.

The system failure has left fully loaded aircraft at stands for hours, Terminal 5 looking like a refugee centre and tens of thousands of people not blaming staff or systems, but BA itself.

One man said “they make massive profits so how come they can’t get a key system to operate at peak times, it’s inexcusable”.

BA has had a bad week, with an A321 filing with smoke in Spain and passengers having to be evacuated on emergency slides. It has pilots threatening to strike, lost a court case to prevent it, and Heathrow staff are still on the brink of strike action too.