RyanAir makes 900 pilots and cabin crew redundant

Screenshot 2019-08-02 at 10.54.23.png

RyanAir announced 900 pilot and cabin crew reductions yesterday after providing very poor figures for the airline in the first quarter of its new financial year.

The airline has seen sharp rises in fuel costs of around 28% and is looking at a wage bill that has risen by some 24%.

The fuel prices are what they are, and every airline in Europe has suffered from them, but the cost in pay and benefits is the inevitable backlash from years of underpaying staff and pilots, and simply pushing to hard to extract the maximum from its people for little or no reward.

An estimation of the impact of 900 people on the airline suggests it’s actually quite a small number of aircraft and bases that are affected, around thirty aircraft and 90 flights per day.

RyanAir has been very careful not to go exceed 199 passengers on their aircraft as that would require an extra member of cabin crew and increased costs – the new MAX based 737-8-200 is in fact a 197 seater for this very reason.