AirFrance confirms 2022 for accelerated A380 exit

AirFrance yesterday confirmed the end of October 2022 and the summer season as the target for full A380 withdrawal.

The news came as a shock to some and disappointment for many who hoped the airline would keep them at least until 2024.

The decision has been made not to refurbish the later aircraft as the expense is seen as not worthwhile.

Citing the difficulties in operating the A380 profitably into the airports it flies to and its Co2 emissions, the airline said it simply wasn’t viable.

Many airlines are bothered by the EU Co2 cap and trade scheme which will cost them based on Co2 output – so finding lower emission aircraft is key to saving costs.

The airline said it would be looking at viable alternatives to the A380’s to maintain capacity, so basically more A350/787 and/or 777-8/9.