BBC Panorama savages 737 MAX and Boeing

The BBC’s longest running and most respected news documentary programme, Panorama dived into the 737 MAX issues from the initial crash at Lion Air, to the Ethiopian disaster last night.

Outlining the way the catastrophes have impacted the families the programmes went back to how Boeing has become what it has today.

Explaining how the MCAS system works (and how it doesn’t), engineers and pilots explained their feelings about such a “ridiculously bad idea”.

MCAS said one pilot “is swift, violent and terrifying. That you didn’t tell me about it? Shame on you”.

Boeing’s delays and obfuscation over fixing the issues were further outlined and emphasised. Pointing out yet again how profit seemed to dominate their thought process.

Panorama went to the huge crater where the Ethiopian MAX crashed – an extraordinary site.

Dennis Muilenburg refused again, to be interviewed. Boeing’s suggestions that pilots were to blame – and Panorama pointed out that Boeing still hasn’t accepted responsibility.

The BBC asked how the FAA had let the aircraft fly – Adam Dixon a former MAX engineer said that Boeing forced them to minimise changes being made so that the FAA wouldn’t ask for deeper proof of its airworthiness.

Dennis Muilenburg was also identified as having earned $70 million in 4 years.

Boeing of course claim they did nothing wrong. They won’t admit anything. In the meantime they still haven’t been able to suggest when the plane will fly again. What else is holding it back?

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