Boeing’s woes don’t stop with MAX

Serious change may be coming to Boeing’s senior managers as shareholders fume about problems and loses in every area.

After a week of disastrous results, programme slow downs on the 777-9/8 and NMA, and financial loss that will stretch well into the next 24 months because of 737 MAX, the other part of Boeing took another blow.

The KC46 (modified 767) tanker programme for the US Air Force has long been derided for delays. Quality issues however have been rife and the Air Force have now decided not to pay Boeing £346 million because of them.

On top of that Boeing has found itself forced out of another massive programme to replace the US ICBM arsenal as the Minuteman-III’s are now 40 years old.

They say it’s unfair but the fact is they haven’t invested in any technology and they don’t have the engineering teams or resources to compete for it. It looks like Northrop will have that all to itself.

It’s getting to be an issue for shareholders – they’re getting fed up and a serious shake up seems not too far away.