Boeing delays 777-X into 2020

Amongst several other announcements yesterday Boeing let quietly slip the fact it now didn’t expect the 777-9 first flight to happen much before the end of March 2020.

This is entirely down to engine issues with GE and it’s interesting, that Boeing while making it clear it was a GE issue, wasn’t making seem like it was pressing GE hard.

Could it be that Boeing finally gets that pushing a huge engine like this through over-rapid development to meet deadlines is not such a good idea?

The customers of course won’t be delighted- Qatar, Lufthansa and Emirates are all lead buyers and want the aircraft to maintain their plans.

It’s only this week that Airbus faced a highly disgruntled lambasting from JetBlue over delays to Neo deliveries, and yet it’s time the airlines accepted if they want safety and reliability it takes time to get it right.