Cathay Pacific buys Hong Kong Express

Cathay Pacific has finalised it’s purchase of Hong Kong Express.

The low cost carrier will continue to trade and operate as a stand alone airline, within the Swire Group who own Cathay Pacific Group.

The opportunities for interlinked passengers and transfers are huge, and it gives Cathay Pacific, as a full service main line carrier, Cathay Dragon in the LCC and Hong Kong Express in the ULCC bracket, ownership of a full spectrum of trading options.

The airline has been very successful at persuading the authorities to just go along with its strategy – giving it a massive edge in controlling the Hong Kong aviation market.

Partly this is down to the way Hong Kong is governed – it’s not democratic in any way as recent demonstrations have made more than clear. Politicians and oligarchs quietly dominate the Special Administrative Area, and policies that favour business – especially Hong Kong businesses – are always the top of the agenda.

Cathay Pacific has gone to huge lengths to make sure Hong Kong Express customers know that the airline will continue as an independent entity – its passengers are very loyal and they don’t want to put off anyone from flying with it.

Hong Kong Express currently operates 8 A320-200, 7 A320neo and 11 A321’s.

It also bizarrely had 747F’s from former owners HNA Group’s Hainan Airlines controlled Hong Kong Airlines, the ownership of which has now been resolved, and removed from HKE who never operated them.