British Airways Pilots vote to strike

BALPA, the UK pilots union has obtained a 93% vote in favour of strike action.

The pilots said that BA was making big profits and they deserve their share. They turned down an 11.5% pay rise over three years.

There’s a bit of me that says they should be so lucky – they’re not exactly badly paid as it is, and it’s something of a “First World Problem”.

BA of course instantly said they’d go to court to try and stop it (though on what realistic grounds it’s hard to fathom), and by law the soonest a strike can happen is August 6th.

BA used its usual demeaning phraseology: “we’re very disappointed that the union is threatening the travel plans of thousands of our customers”.

They’ve been negotiating since November. Pilots say a strike would cost way more than half a days earnings for the airline if it gave in to their demands. And it gave £1.3 billion to shareholders this year, so it can afford it.

The trouble is if they give in to the pilots the genuinely poorly paid cabin crews might get a bit wrestles – again.