RyanAir’s really bad week

If profit warnings, reduced growth forecasts and base closures weren’t bad enough, Peter Bellow, the Chief Operating Officer seems to have had enough and resigned around a week ago.

People move about and it’s rarely a big deal, but yesterday it was announced he was moving from Dublin to Luton – as COO of arch-enemy easyJet.

Just to add oil to the flames the UK union for pilots, BALPA, announced they were voting on strike action that could affect 25% of RyanAir’s fleet and is almost certain to pass. The result will be known by August 7.

BALPA said that years of no representation had left pilots well behind their peers at other airlines and things needed resolving. RyanAir has done nothing and ignored proposals. They use an “it’s our way or no way” approach and BALPA see those days as very much over.

It’ll be cabin crew next….

Right now RyanAir can’t afford a strike. It also won’t want to afford higher pilot and crew costs.

Brexit is making it harder for them to ignore the pilots. A no deal departure will mean only six months of EU/UK pilot and cabin crew recognition before a sharp reduction in crew flexibility comes in to force – unless a new aviation agreement is reached before that extension ends.

Then there’s the MAX saga…they’ll be lucky to see a new aircraft this year and it’s affecting schedules and expansion. And profits.

It’s not been a good week for RyanAir at all.