AirItaly to operate more N America routes in 2020 despite USB3 crybabies


AirItaly is to resume its North America routes in 2020, regardless of the objections of the US Big 3, who, inadvisedly insist it’s just a front fro Qatar Airways, who own 49% of the airline. The same amount Delta owns directly in Virgin Atlantic, which is apparently OK.

Despite the constant harassment of this quite small airline by a group of three that combined have 2,666 aircraft between them against 13 – only 5 of which can operate into the US – that’s 533.2 aircraft each for one of AirItaly’s, it’s not going to stop.

The airline is entirely legal, it’s not a flag of convenience carrier, it obeys all the EU rules on ownership and management and is no different to Etihad owning AirBerlin and Alitalia, while they still flew to the US – over which the USB3 had no argument. Their position is utterly ridiculous.


The routes the airline will serve are from Milan Malpensa to Los Angeles and San Francisco (as well as to Toronto) on March 29, 2020, while continuing existing year-round services to New York JFK (daily) and Miami (5X-weekly). Both the Los Angeles and San Francisco routes will be operated 4X-weekly next summer, while Toronto will be 6X-weekly.

No doubt the ridiculous USB3 spin machine will get to work, but quite what they’re afraid of, when the happily use the rules to suit themselves, and the scale of operations is so small, is beyond most people. Even if it was ten times the size it is now, AirItaly still wouldn’t pose a threat to any of the US majors.