Has Boeing learnt nothing? New 737Max software issue admitted but no explanations

It’s now being widely reported that yet another software issue – not related apparently to the MCAS system, has been found in the 737Max.

Yet Boeing, having seemingly failed to learn a thing from the cloudy and obstructive PR surrounding the previous incidents, has offered up little more explanation than “its minor and we’re dealing with it”.

It’s not so minor if the FAA is insisting it gets resolved before the Max is re-certified.

Who decided it was ‘minor’? That sort of thinking is how the MCAS issues were dealt with and initially, frankly trivialised – until people died and even then it was hardly seen as a big deal internally at first.

No description of what the software does or is part of has been forthcoming. Has Boeing not learnt that transparency and openness are the ways to contain public confidence?

Airlines may commit to buy – they may try and force us into using the aircraft they purchase. Yet the more obfuscation, the more secrets, the more they brush issues under the carpet and treat the public as idiots, the more they deserve to have our undivided attention.

Keeping Boeing aware that not just the profession is watching them, the people being asked to fly on their aircraft are too. And by no means are many of us happy to trust this aircraft.