IAG orders 200 737Max


Willy Walsh, IAG’s CEO always knows when to strike: when the enemy is down and desperate. He must have read Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

The 200 aircraft will be Max-8 and -10 variants, for distribution around all of the groups airlines although possibly not BA. That’s yet to be decided.

The discount IAG received will be closely guarded, but I suspect it’s close to 60%. At a time when Boeing can barely breathe under the weight of opprobrium levelled at it, this shows huge faith – and hard-nosed business decisions by IAG, who see the future being a place where the public have totally forgotten about the MCAS issues.

I admire the guts of buying the most hated aircraft on the planet, striking at the enemies lowest and weakest point when they need you far more than you need them.

I’m still not getting on one. Ever.