777-X Engine ‘months’ from flying say GE

As the Paris Air Show opens, GE Aviation announced in a statement that unexpected wear in a part for its new engine for the new Boeing 777-8/9, forcing a delay of several months while it redesigns and tests the part.

Boeing had planned the maiden flight for June 26.

The part for the GE9X engine is the compressor stator; “There is a (stationary) component in the front of the compressor which is wearing prematurely,” GE’s CEO told reporters at the Paris Airshow.

GE still expects the first flight of 777X to take place this year.

Quite what it means for the IOC aid the first customer aircraft is uncertain. Qatar, Lufthansa and Emirates were all scheduled to get aircraft next year in time for the summer season, but that looks more like it’ll be pushed to Q4 2020 at the earliest.

Boeing will be very wary about looking as though it hasn’t done enough, by trying to push up deliveries to meet financial projections. Any prospect of a 777-9 going the same way as a 737Max is beyond unthinkable.

Boeing and it’s customers will just have to grin and bare it.