Mitsubishi rebrand MRJ as buyout of Bombardier looms

Recently, the Bombardier group hived off its Dash-8 programme to its originator company, DeHavilland, separating it from the group.

It’s sold off its CSeries to Airbus and that’s now just a manufacturing partnership entirely under Airbus control.

Now the company is facing a serious bid to have the entire CRJ brand and and manufacturing assembly group bought out by Mitsubishi. If this happens as seems likely, a major consolidation in regional aircraft manufacturing will have occurred, mostly at Bombardier’s expense. And most of that was caused by the vast cost of developing the CS100/300 at the expense of its other aircraft.

As we’re about to enter the Paris Show season, Mitsubishi has decided to rename its new regional jet, itself swallowed up in technical issues – but they’re determined to resolve them. Buying Bombardier’s CRJ could help speed that up.

The MRJ90 is now the SpaceJet M90 and it announced details of the stretched MRJ70 re-design, which will now be called the SpaceJet M100.

It’s hoped the rebrand will be clearly define the jets in a more direct way as well as divorce it from a long series of technical difficulties during a protracted development. It’s probably only a year or two from entering service – years behind schedule, and the company needs to start selling it hard. Paris is that opportunity.