Food free flights as caterers threaten strikes in US?

The food on a return flight from the US, no matter what class you fly in, is rarely ever as good as from Europe. On domestic US flights it varies from average to mediocre if it’s provided at all.

GateGourmet and LSG SkyChefs working for the USB3 and others are about to plan strike action after two years of mediation have failed to resolve low pay. The fact that less than 50% of some 6,000 workers at SFO and other major airports can afford even basic health care, is one of the main sticking points.

The airlines seem unconcerned. The catering staff however have had enough of not getting what they see as a slice of huge airline profits.

So the next time you’re looking at an overheated slop in an aluminium covered plastic dish in economy, or eggs Benedict up there in First, give a thought to the catering staff who can’t even get to see a doctor in a country that boasts the “greatest economy in the world”.