Alitalia sale may be delayed as soccer magnate bids

Alitalia, sailing slowly but surely towards oblivion as time runs out on its bankruptcy status, has received a new potential bidder.

Claudio Lotito, an Italian billionaire and owner of soccer team Lazio has said he now wants to get involved.

Meanwhile the authorities running the insolvent airline are trying to get more time for potential bidders to make plans as, in typical Italian style, everything and anything that can be done not to decided anything, is permitted to carry on.

Despite assurances no formal bids have yet been received. The EU is going to start looking at the situation in the Autumn as it figures out Alitalia is only here because of massive state loans it can’t repay if it shuts down.

Every day is more money it owes and has to repay making it less and less viable to bidders.

The last thing Alitalia needs is a man already mired in a scandal and banned from soccer for two years during a 2006 referee fixing scandal.