Vindictive American Airlines delays Air Italy flight at SFO

An Air Italy flight – An A330- went technical at SFO this weekend.

Being a fellow A330 operator the airline, doing what airlines usually do, help each other out when they can, pretty much regardless of what goes on publicly, asked American Airlines to sell them an A330 part.

AA has a maintenance base in SFO and had the part. But they refused to supply it.

The flight and its passengers were delayed for hours until a part could be sourced and fitted from Los Angeles.

A couple of years ago Delta did the same to Emirates- going as far as installing the $300 part and having it removed again when head office found out.

This sort of behaviour is simply vindictive, another aspect of the US Big 3 and their behaviour to foreign competition.

In American’s case it’s even more ridiculous.

American and Qatar are in the Oneworld alliance. Qatar owns 20% of American’s JV partner IAG (owners of British Airways) and 10% of its JV partner LATAM.

This sort of political pettiness is a two way street. What happens when an American Airlines aircraft is on the receiving end of similar treatment? But then again American is too scared to compete with Qatar or even tiny Air Italy.

What does this say about the worlds biggest airline?