US Big 3 take the Qatar-Air Italy fight to Congress

The USB3 simply will not let this go. And this time they’re taking the fight to Congress, successfully pressing Representative Lasko of Arizona into writing a letter to the Senate and House Aviation subcommittees making all the usual allegations.

Senate Aviation subcommittee chair Sen. Ted Cruz verbally agreed with the allegations (Senator for Texas, so heavily pressed by American Airlines), and so did House Aviation Subcommittee Chair Rep. Rick Larsen (Washington State 2nd District which covers a large area north of Seattle, so Boeing and Delta in his back yard).

However the accusations against Qatar were roundly rejected by the Alaska/Hawaiian/JetBlue/Fedex alliance which is also supported by travel agents and airports.

The whole thing is being pressed at the Departments of Commerce and Transport to raise an investigation by the USB3 as well.

What makes so little sense is that there’s hardly any AirItaly flights to the US of any significance and this action seems to be to make sure there never are.

It’s a poorly timed attack too, with the US sending more troops back to the Middle East – mostly Qatar – and with tensions running high with Iran. The Qatari government won’t sit idly by and say nothing.

The argument holds no real water either. If it was carried to its own illogical conclusion and applied to all airlines, Delta should be campaigning to end its own flights from London under Virgin Atlantic.

It’s a pathetic and nonsensical argument, and needs to be rejected as simply protectionist and cowardly by airlines afraid of a minor Italian carrier.