United disappoints in latest US JD Power survey, jetBlue/Southwest win…

Try as they might United just can’t get it right

JD Power, who conduct satisfaction surveys on a regular basis world-wide for pretty much anything, issued their latest North American airlines customer satisfaction survey yesterday, which includes Air Canada and WestJet.

If you’re United it doesn’t make for good reading. The airline seems to be nearly stagnant in the survey despite what it claims is a massive time and money investment in staff training and attitudinal awareness.

Air Canada continues to dissapoint customers, something that seems to have been a consistent feature for some years. I’ve never flown Air Canada but a lot of people I know do, and they’re rarely thrilled by the experience. It’s noteable that WestJet is improving and two places higher.

American was the most improved showing that whatever it’s doing is working.

Alaska also made improvements as its integration with the now defunct Virgin America is virtually complete.

For the US Big Three – Delta is still well ahead of American and massively ahead of United.

There are some key takeaways here – the gap between Frontier – which is as basic and ULCC as it gets, on 702 points and United on 723 points is just 21.

The gap between United and the winners – Southwest and JetBlue is a massive 94 points. That seems to be a gap that will take years to fix even if they could gain 30 points a year.

No. 1 (tie): Southwest: 817, down from 818

No. 1 (tie): JetBlue: 817, up from 812

No. 3: Alaska: 801, up from 775

No. 4: Delta: 788, up from 767

No. 5: American: 764, up from 729

No. 6: WestJet: 758, up from 747

No. 7: United: 723, up from 708

No. 8: Air Canada, 729, down from 734

No. 9: Spirit Airlines, 711, Spirit wasn’t included in 2018

No. 10: Frontier: 702, up from 693

Allegiant was included in 2018 but was excluded this year because there were not enough responses about the carrier.