Going, going, gone…Virgin America is finally erased from the skies

On Friday the last Virgin America liveried and fitted out A321neo, N922VA, was sent to the paint shop at Victorville.

With it a much loved and admired brand that won the hearts of staff and customers alike, is forever consigned to the history books.

It had fought its way into existence against the combined might of every other airline in the US, as they tried to prevent the birth of another competitor.

In the end it fell to one of its arch rivals, Alaska, not long after its shares went public, in what many saw as a deal that should never have been permitted. Indeed it’s quite likely that it heralded the end of the consolidation of the US airline market after years of bankruptcies and Chapter 11 reorganisations.

It was a good airline, with a unique service, and it had a great future ahead of it. It was always, in my opinion one merger too far that should never have been allowed.