737Max – another damning report twists the knife

The saga that will not die must be finally having an impact at Boeing. No matter what they do the story of the Max will not go away.

Last night Australia’s version of 60 minutes dropped a report on the Max that must have made anyone thinking of flying on one ever again change their mind. Pilots and engineers while largely dispassionate and calm, politely expressed their concern.

When people in that profession express concern it’s the equivalent of Danaerys Targaryen loosing all three dragons to a wing deformity just as the final battle starts. Quietly upset is something of an understatement.

Airlines – notably Norwegian – are starting to make it clear they’re suffering the financial and PR cost of not having aircraft in service. Many are already wondering how they can wangle their way out of Max orders.

I may have said this before but this 737Max saga is utterly unique in terms of its deep and fundamental penetration into the global consciousness.

Social media, global communications, trans-national news (even me typing this for you to read) are all delivering a message. Not only is the product faulty, the company that produced it has buried itself in a greed based profit-first systematic working process.

It has deluded itself into thinking safety is paramount when in fact, profit comes first. Profit has corrupted the process from top to bottom – even when it wasn’t meant to. Human nature and corporate culture always put costs and profit first even unintentionally.

This has happened in an age where mega-corporations are starting to come under closer scrutiny by the public and would-be future politicians. Millennials are seeing the world they’ve grown up in is actually seriously broken.

Boeing’s 737Max is the product that carries the standard of how the big corporations have gone wrong. And it’s affecting more people because 4 billion of us fly every year and we put our lives in their hands.

Boeing are said to be considering re-branding the aircraft. More than that, there’s even a persistent rumour that they’re prepared to ditch the 797-X which is high risk, for a new ground-up narrow body. Only that can truly erase the 737 Max goes the argument.

Meanwhile Boeing’s deferring orders from worried airlines, seeing nobody order new ones, looking at reducing production and paying out billions in compensation, to passengers families and airlines.

Yet it’s leadership is still intact, allegedly, privately unapologetic even if publicly saying the right thing. And they’re still getting their massive bonuses.