Air Italy goes Airbus long haul & what happened to Emirates 787-10?

Qatar Airways backed Air Italy has decided it can’t wait for the Dreamliners and has moved on to Airbus A330’s.

Qatar was to supply its own 788’s but only as 789’s replaced them, however delays at Boeing and the attitude of the US Big 3 airlines in trying to block Air Italy seem to have persuaded the airline to move on.

Qatar will instead supply A330’s which will partly help resolve its own over-capacity issues.

Air Italy is also sub-leasing the 737 Max 8 from Qatar but they’re all grounded and like many airlines the reputation of the 737 Max is seen as having gone from hero to zero. Smaller airlines seem to feel they don’t want the reputation damage of flying it even when it is fixed. For small airlines the cost of it being out of service is a nightmare.

Air Italy is now saying that it its extremely keen on the A220. The benefits of an all Airbus fleet would also prove beneficial.

With Icelandair also re-thinking its priorities others will do the same. Only airlines so deeply attached to the 737 – like Jet2 and Ryan Air, as well as the big US fleets in American, United, and Southwest will feel able to stick with it, and even Southwest looks on the brink of change.

Has Emirates ditched the 787-10 and not said anything public to avoid upsetting Boeing at such a delicate time for the company?

The fleet plan published with the company’s results the other day completely omitted the type. The 2017 Dubai Air Show order worth $15 billion for 40 of the type, isn’t showing on Boeing’s back log and Emirates never chose an engine supplier.

The worlds aviation analysts consider the order dead.

In a move that will please many European markets, Emirates also announced the introduction of Premium Economy of its European and North American A380’s from 2020.

3 thoughts on “Air Italy goes Airbus long haul & what happened to Emirates 787-10?

  1. Emirates never ordered the 787-10, it was just an MoU. Thus it was never on the books so no net loss or gain for Boeing.


      1. They ordered 70 Airbus widebodies instead of firming up the MoU.40 A330-900and 30 A350-900.The 787-10 might be a bit limited at DXB anyhoo.


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