Icelandair may swap to all Airbus fleet

Icelandair Group said yesterday that it’s looking at switching to an all Airbus fleet, potentially dropping it’s 737-Max order.

It’s thought process is that technically it’s move to replace 757’s with 739 Max is still the official plan, but there’s growing appreciation that the A321neoLR is the better aircraft.

Now the airline is looking at replacing the 757 fleet with the A321LR, and the logical process is to look at the whole fleet and simply head down the the Airbus route.

Now some of this may be pressure on Boeing to cough up compensation, but the A321 is a better aircraft and it doesn’t have the taint of the Max saga.

In a small community like Iceland, these things hit home far more. Icelandic culture will be suggesting they’ve made the wrong choice and the residual image of the aircraft will always be damaged by it, that impacts Icelandair and that affects Iceland as a whole.

So will it happen? I’d like to think so. Personally I always thought the 737 was the wrong choice for Icelandair in the first place, it’s limitations in climates like that and it’s overall profile just don’t quite fit. The Airbus is far more flexible as an overall package for an airline with Icelandair’s almost unique profile. Finnair is the closest and they are all Airbus.