Boeing 787 work self certification “disaster in the making”.


Recent reports from Boeing’s North Carolina 787 assembly plant are revealing that workers are inspecting and approving their own work, with whistleblowers saying poor quality and uninstalled parts, along with shoddy fit and finish are almost the normal results.

The process known as MFPP, for Multi-Function Process Performer, is said to have been put in place by Gonzalez Beltran, who did the same thing – unsuccessfully by all accounts, in the automotive industry. He has no prior aviation experience.

It’s supposed to speed things up but many are claiming it’s so widely abused by the work force that it’s doing the exact opposite.

So many items are poorly installed or not fitted at all, or rubbish is left in completed units, but signed off by the worker responsible, that it’s either escaping notice or requiring substantial intervention to put right.

Once again it seems, Boeing’s cost driven processes seem to be the cause of a potential safety issue.  The need to deliver aircraft no matter the cost in potential quality issues, is simply too much to accept. Profits are important, everyone knows that, but not at any price when it comes to risking human life.

Boeing seems to have put share price and profits on the top of its agenda before anything else, produce and be damned and no matter the consequences.

When Boeing’s managers sit there and say they care and they will do whatever it takes to make sure safety is paramount, it seems you can take that with a pinch of proverbial salt. It’s always been about the money, but at least there was integrity and honesty behind it. But now it seems that’s all gone and it’s just about the cash. It’s a sad day.