Mystery buyers for Alitalia and AirTransat?

With Alitalia’s sale now extended yet again with ‘expressions of interest’ from late bidders, secrecy surrounds who it might be.

Delta is said to be quietly anxious that it might be pipped at the post by a last minute bid and have its target prised from its fingers.

Meanwhile AirTransat’s parent corporation has been approached by several potential buyers. It won’t say who they are or why they want it. And it’s quick to point out it might amount to nothing.

Add Hong Kong Airlines to the mix of strange financial transactions and then JetAirways which has or hasn’t collapsed and either will or will not come back from the dead. Furthermore, mix in Avianca Brazil and there’s a whole lot of messed up airlines out there just waiting to fail or revolutionise the way ahead.

Or not. Has there ever been a time of such volatility? And these are the good days. One big fuel price rise, an unexpected recession or financial crisis, a random terror event or some geopolitical high risk moves in a major tension spot and who goes under next?