Major Hurdle for Heathrow third runway cleared by High Court

The U.K. High Court rules against 5 crucial cases, opening the way for the third runway to be constructed.

Five major cases ranging from disgruntled alternative suppliers and bidders to major environmental groups and the Mayor of London’s office, all had their case dismissed.

The airport has just concluded a three month air space modernisation consultation, and will now begin a detailed public consultation on its master plan from June 1st.

The current plan is that the new runway will absorb short haul expansion and a majority of short haul existing operations, leaving the two existing runways for long haul operations.

The aim is to add 40 new destinations on long haul and provide enough capacity to deal with demand to 2040.

After that it’s been accepted Heathrow will not be viable for further expansion.

Terminal 5 is to be expanded and renamed Heathrow West, while Terminal 2 will just be known as Heathrow East The Queens Terminal. Terminal 3 will be demolished into Heathrow East, Terminal 4 will cease and be transferred to cargo. Terminal 1 is already gone and being merged with what will become Heathrow East.

A new ancillary terminal attached to both by underground rail will be built to accommodate the new runway.