Boeing “not at fault” over MCAS says…Boeing.

In one of those moments that occasionally resonate with the twisted irony of corporate double speak, Denis Mullenberg, Boeing’s CEO and chairman kicked back at angry shareholders and critics.

Boeing shareholders came close to removing him but not close enough, as many were unhappy with his and Boeing’s handling of the whole 737Max saga.

In apparent justification it was stated that the aircraft was signed off to Boeing’s standards which means that, it must have been good enough because the company said it was.

Therefore, following that logic, it cannot have been Boeing’s fault if there was a problem, because Boeing had already said it was good enough.

Well why didn’t we all see that? The nearly 400 dead people would be lining up to agree I’m sure. Then maybe they wouldn’t because Boeing’s perfectly OK 737 didn’t kill them all did it?

I mean how sick does this get? One minute Boeing are sending out relaxed videos telling everyone they feel our pain, and the next telling us that there’s nothing wrong because they say there isn’t.

In that case let’s all tell our banks we’ve paid our mortgage or student loans off because we say we have. They must be wrong because we say they are.

I like this new world.