Could the impossible happen? Southwest buying A220’s?

Southwest is synonymous with the Boeing 737. Indeed it’s purchasing of so many has given it a seat at the design table over the years.

Yet, after SWPA – the Southwest pilots union met with the FAA and Southwest management, upset about Boeing’s cavalier attitude to the MCAS system, which let’s face it, potentially put their lives at risk, things may have changed.

A leaked memo suggests that SWPA thinks the airlines one-type approach may not be in its long term best interests any more.

And then, Southwest sent a team to Airbus to look at the A220.

The A220 has more range, but it could land at smaller airports, and its much more fuel efficient than a 737, but carries fewer passengers in greater comfort.

Could it be better suited to “long thin” routes the 737 doesn’t work on, opening up a whole range of new destinations?

Could it better suit some of the 737’s existing routes? Could it even be possible Southwest might just break the habit of a lifetime?

The A220 is more expensive but if Airbus were offered a 200 aircraft order how fast would the price fall?

Officially Southwest are simple ‘evaluating the available opportunities’ – as any sensible airline would, wouldn’t it?

I’d mike to think it possible Southwest would go down this road, but will it? Answers in the comments section please!