Thomas Cook is reported to have offers for its airline business

Thomas Cook has quietly carried on operating as normal, but several reports are now showing that ‘credible buyers’ have emerged for the aircraft and business of the airline.

Lufthansa said it wasn’t interested in it’s earnings report briefing but twice since I’ve been told not to let that mean what it appears to. However until someone signs on a dotted line, as I’ve said here before, it’s just words.

Elsewhere I’ve also heard that Virgin Atlantic are still after the A330’s but again, while it would make sense for them it doesn’t mean it will happen.

I’m pretty sure that the whole airline business won’t be sold as a single unit, but there are plenty of airlines out there that could and would make use of those aircraft – bearing in mind Thomas Cook is committed to its passengers through the summer season. It’s not going to be a simple divestment.

Whatever happens it seems all but certain the brand – at least as an airline will vanish. Condor is almost as certain to carry on because of its brand value in Germany.