AirIndia leases 5 of JetAirways 777-300ER’s

It may seem like a positive result for the beleaguered airline but in reality it’s another nail in the coffin.

AirIndia leasing 5 of JetAirways 777-300ER’s may mean It’s one less bill to pay when they have no cash, but it’s going to make it even harder to re-start long haul operations if the airline comes back, which seems less and less likely every day.

The moves has been allowed because JetAirways cutting its A330 and 777-300 operations has left a deep hole in long haul connectivity – especially to key destinations like London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, never mind the Asian markets.

AirIndia which the government is keen to show in a positive light as it tries to sell it off, is being offered an opportunity to shine. It also will help some of the unpaid crews and ground staff who’ll come with the aircraft to man them.

One thought on “AirIndia leases 5 of JetAirways 777-300ER’s

  1. The Lease is still not confirmed Air India has issued a memo to the Bank in charge who is leading the lenders to allow them to reach any deal for 5 Boeing 777-300Er, also the meeting of Air India board is scheduled for 27 April 2019 for any decision. Plus its a govt led Airline so an approval will also be required from Ministry of Civil Aviation.


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