US airlines cancel 737Max flights out to mid-August

Southwest flew all of its aircraft to Victorville and storage until they can go back to service around mid-August.

Yesterday American announced they too were extending the 737 Max grounding to August 15 in their scheduling.

Around Europe it’s already becoming evident mid-August is the soonest it’s likely to be flying again.

It won’t be a moment too soon for airlines like Norwegian and TUI – it’s right in the middle of peak European holiday season.

Many European countries – Italy, Spain, France, Belgium and south Germany (its mostly a Catholic Church divide by tradition), virtually shut down during August for holidays. On top of that almost all of August around Europe is out of school.

Bearing in mind the demand for travel, the shortage of spare aircraft, and the cost to airlines of replacing them, the bill heading Boeing’s way is growing bigger by the day.