Cargolux to take 3 more 744F’

Cargolux is acquiring three 747-400ERFs during the next quarter. The aircraft are coming from ASL Belgium, which is restructuring its fleet and the leases have ended.

The aircraft would not create additional capacity to start with as several aircraft will be undergoing heavy maintenance cycles – including the first D Check in one the airlines 748F’s – it’s first. 

The D checks which are fundamental bare bones inspection and repair, take up to two months, usually involving a complete re-spray.

The D checks of 748F’s are ok end years in advance and the cost can range up to $8m – with 14 748F’s that’s a sizeable cost.

Cargolux is expected to announce record results for 2018 by the end of this month, likely to be around $150m.

The airline says it’s building cash reserves to ensure stability in the event of any recession or downturn.