JetBlue will start London operations in 2021

JetBlue will begin operations from Boston and New York to London, in 2021.

The airline will use A321LR’s converting 13 of its existing order to the variant.

Entering the crowded Trans-Atlantic market is not going to be easy. Vested interests in the guise of the big airlines and their protected joint ventures don’t like any of the upstarts taking potential customers.

JetBlue is going to have to offer something special and not just prices. It needs a unique service and selling point.

A trans-Atlantic version of the Mint service is to be rolled out and services such as live seat back TV will be retained.

Multiple daily flights are planned but which London airport – they have a choice of 5 – Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted and Southend are all viable, but Gatwick or Heathrow are the only real choices for a competitive operation. However getting slots at Heathrow is nearly impossible, leaving Gatwick as the real option.

Just to prove how competitive this is going to be, only days ago Virgin Atlantic and Delta announced flights from Gatwick to JFK and Boston Logan.