Virgin Atlantic reveals new A350-1000 interiors

A completely new business class design with window facing suites, able to slide a door most of the way shut (a slightly odd idea, but the airline thinks it helps the passenger and crew “stay connected”), is the start of a major upgrade.

New business class ‘suite’ – but no new name yet

The lie flat beds can be adjusted without the passenger having to get off them as they do now. Huge monitors, power supplies and storage space compliment a range of modified, but very Virgin Atlantic colours.

The new Loft on the A350-1000

The famous Upper Class in flight bar has gone, replaced by an area at the back of the business cabin by an eight seat area for guests and a twin stand up work area for those who want to use it. It’s now called”The Loft”.

Business bed with duvet, mattress etc

The window facing seats are laid out in 11 rows of 1-2-1.

The seats have a 20″ width and a 44″ pitch with an 82″ lie flat bed (500mm, 1200mm and 2082mm respectively).

You’ll even be able to order in advance the type of pyjamas you want!

Revised Premium seating

‘Premium’, formerly premium economy, has a very mild facelift, mostly a palette colour change and a modified power supplies. The IFE will be able to run the customers own entertainment from their personal devices. It’ll have 56 seats in a 2-4-2 pattern which is Virgin Atlantic standard.

Economy seating will also get a colour change and other than minor upgrades to IFE and power supplies will remain technically unchanged. There will be the longer leg room set of rows for the more expensive Economy seating offer.

Standard economy

The first A350-1000 is due to be delivered around June with 8 in service by 2021. Four more will be delivered out to 2023 with an option for one more if required.

Five will operate from Heathrow and the remainder will replace the Gatwick based 744’s.

The first aircraft are planned to operate on the New York services .