Flybe will end E195 operations by winter


Flybe announced it will end all of its E195 jet operations by winter while ending basing at four airports permanently.

The airline will finally dispose of its 118 seat E-195’s after years of trying to dispose of them. In the end it cots too much to return them and at one point they were in storage.

It operated as many of 8 of the aircraft and still has 6, they’ve proven to be a financial drain and a major error in judgement for an airline operating on such thin routes.

Flybe is based at Exeter and will end jet ops there on 26th October. It will not affect its smaller Dash-8 Q400 fleets or other basing there.

Cardiff and Doncaster bases will close as operations end in October, but the airline will continue to fly to and from them. The Norwich base will close and the airline will not fly there itself, leaving it to Eastern Airlines, its franchise partner.

By the end of 2020 Flybe – or whatever its new branding will be now it’s owned by Connect, plans on disposing of at least 10 aircraft to reduce to 70 from the current 80.

It currently runs 54 Dash-8, 11 ERJ-170, 6 ERJ-195, 6 ATR42/72 and a single BAe Jetsream 41.