Virgin Atlantic to replace flying lady with ‘Flying Icons” on A350-1000’s

Virgin Atlantic announced yesterday that it will no longer deploy the Varga Girl based images used as the flying lady on new aircraft, starting with the A350-1000.

In the current #Metoo environment and the focus on women’s equality, along with equality generally, the image is seen as unrepresentative. It doesn’t help that Virgin Atlantic was found to have one of the widest gender pay gaps in the U.K. aviation sector, something it is now addressing at speed.

The new images will be sporting icons – both men and women. They will use the Varga style but represent the diversity of the population and not look so deliberately over-glamourised.

There was an interesting commentary on how the images have to be applied on carbon composite fuselages – they can’t be applied to the base material, but have to be placed in a special indented area in the paint layer and then sealed by the top coat lacquered layer.

The first A350-1000 roll out is in April 8th with the new business class seat and name as a highlight.